Natural Resources Management, GIS & Remote Sensing is a semiannually journal published by the Geography Department of the Firouzabad Institute of Higher Education. The journal is published in both English and Russian. The first issue of each year is published in English and the second one in Russian. The journal publishes high quality, original papers that contribute to the sciences of natural resources management, GIS, and remote sensing, detailed as follow (but not limited to),

  • Remote Sensing for the management of emergency GIS geometric information to warn of natural crises Informatics and remote sensing,
  • Extract and recover data from satellite images of optics and radar analysis,
  • The application of remote sensing techniques in Earth Sciences,
  • The analysis of aerial and satellite images for the preparation of spatial data,
  • Update and improve the spatial database,
  • Quick preparation for crisis management and environmental application of map application of GIS and remote sensing,
  • Visual data modeling, and augmented reality,
  • Dynamic GIS, geometric, geometric design process,
  • Monitoring of deformation based on SAR calibration data and integration of systems and sensors, sensors, and methods for preparing the DEM,
  • Cartography and spatial information (visualization),
  • Land surveying, industrial and underground,
  • Standardization of spatial data,
  • Geodesy,
  • Training and communication in the sciences of geomatic.
Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2022, Pages 1-29 

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