Geoecological assessment of the environmental impact of the Kuchino MSW landfill in the Balashikha district of the Moscow region

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Soil Science, Ecology and Natural Resources, State University of Land Use Planning, Moscow, Russia



In the process of economic and other activities of enterprises, waste is generated, the disposal of which currently causes a number of difficulties. There are places for disposal, neutralization or burial of waste (landfills), which occupy large areas and require close attention and regular monitoring, since the natural processes taking place on them have a negative impact on the environment.
The article presents the results of a study of the environmental impact of the Kuchino solid waste landfill (hereinafter referred to as MSW) in the Balashikha district of the Moscow Region in 2017. The components of the natural environment — soil cover, atmospheric air, and surface water — are analyzed. The current geoecological state of the landfill territory is determined. A point-rating map of the landfill resolution is compiled, where the impact zones are estimated, estimated at 1-5 points. Measures are proposed to prevent, minimize the negative impact of the landfill on the environment.