The relationship between land surface temperature and land use (case study: Letian watershed)

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Fars. Higher education center firoozabad. Gis. Iran



surface temperature is a main indicator of energy balance on the planet and as data input in models Climate change, urban heat islands, choosing the best time for agricultural activities, studying activities Ground heating and fire detection are used. Since the estimation of temperature with, volcanoes using satellite imagesThe reason for easy access to satellite data, especially Landsat and Moody's satellite images, is very interesting researchers. In this study, Modis images were used because The results of comparing the night and day temperatures of the rangeThe case of the study shows that Tafak is an acceptable place for this matter, which frankly, as it is known, the temperature of the night compared toThe daytime temperature reaches the minimum level and has almost a sinusoidal pattern and also has good accuracy and the peak temperatures andIt has shown the minimum well. And it can be noted that the presence of vegetation reduces the temperature of the soil surface and preserves it
Soil moisture becomes.