Geoecological assessment of urban areas (for example, the city of Klin, Moscow region)

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The impact of human life on nature is increasing every year and becomes commensurate with the action of natural environmental factors. The deterioration in the urban environment of the air basin, soil cover, water quality in surface and underground sources, the accumulation of household waste and garbage inevitably leads to environmental disaster - the death of the ecosystem, the extinction of many species of microorganisms, representatives of flora and fauna and, in the end, is a threat for the existence of an urbanized system.
Modern urban ecology aims to create in the urban environment a system of integrated urban culture of its residents in the field of environmental protection as the basis for their existence, which is designed for a long period of favorable existence.
The article is devoted to the geoecological assessment of the city of Klin, Moscow Region. The main objective of the study is to compile a geo-ecological map with areas of increased pollution in the city of Klin, to assess environmental hazards, and to develop a set of measures to improve the ecological state of the city of Klin.