Investigating urban thermal islands in relation to land use (case study of Tehran)

Document Type : Original Article


Firozabad Higher Education Center



The urban heat island is one of the most obvious consequences of the expansion of urbanization and the development of metropolises. The effects caused by the formation of heat islands can play a fundamental and important role in air quality and consequently public health. The present research was carried out with the aim of investigating the role of covering elements of the earth's surface, i.e. land use in urban heat islands in Tehran metropolis. The tools of this research were processing in Google Earth Engine and ArcMap software. The results showed that the urban heat island effect was more in the northern areas of this city, which is caused by the existence of an industrial town and mountainous topography. Also, there is a relationship between the temperature of the earth's surface and the vegetation index of Tehran in such a way that the surface temperature of this city has increased with the decrease of the vegetation cover. Finally, according to the research findings, practical suggestions have been presented.