Investigating the risk of Fin earthquake in Hormozgan province

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Firouzabad institute of higher education



The current shape of the Iranian plateau is related to the alpine orogenic events, and the Iranian plate is located in the seismic belt due to its location at the convergence of two tectonic plates. This research has investigated the earthquakes of Fin region, located in Hormozgan province. Due to the destructive impact of earthquakes on human life, which causes a lot of financial and human losses, the study of earthquakes has always been a challenging and important issue for humans. Radar interferometry with the help of satellite images is a new method in the field of remote sensing studies. May it be used in this research. In this method, the displacement map of Fin area of Hormozgan was prepared and considering the spatial distribution data of earthquakes in Fin area as well as the geological features of this area, it can be said that a displacement of +2.7 cm in the area in the form of uplift, They have a good correlation with the location of earthquakes concentrated in the south and southeast part of the region, and on the other hand, the displacement of -4.2 cm indicates the extension of subsidence in most parts of the region. From the geological point of view, it can also be said that the displacement values in the more resistant carbonate units (Asmari and Jahrom formations) are lower than the displacement in the comparatively detrital and evaporite units (Mishan, Aghajari and Bakhtiari formations).